August 8, 2016

Unique Unity Ceremony Ideas

Five Unique Unity Ceremony Ideas

Gone are the days where a sand ceremony or unity candle were the only way to offer a visual symbol of your union at a wedding ceremony. The possibilities are endless, and a unique unity ceremony is a great way to show your personalities and shared interests during your wedding. Here are five of our favorite alternative unity ceremony ideas.



Tree Planting Ceremony
For the couple looking for a natural and beautiful symbol of their union, a tree planting ceremony is the perfect fit. During the wedding ceremony, a potted sapling can be placed on a table, and both the bride and groom can take soil from their own designated pots or bags and place it at the base of the tree. The couple or officiant can plan a small description of the ceremony and it’s significance to be read while the tree is “planted”. After the wedding, the tree can be brought into the newlyweds home or planted in the yard of their first home together.a401601c6db040de4749e70e35a3bf87

Fisherman’s Knot Ceremony

A fisherman’s knot provides a beautiful symbol for marriage: two separate strands are brought together and tied as one in the strongest knot there is – it will never break and only becomes tighter when pressure is applied. To incorporate this ceremony into your wedding, all you need is two strands of rope – you may even choose to use rope in your wedding colors – and a few times practising the knot to make sure you get it right on the big day!

There are many ways that this ceremony can be narrated. Often officiants describe the two separate cords as representing your pasts as individuals, including the unique and special gifts you bring to your marriage. We simply can’t think of a better keepsake to remind you of the day that you (literally) tied the knot!

735164Wine Box Ceremony

Many good things get better with age – and both marriage and wine are perfect examples. For a wine box ceremony, couples choose a bottle of wine that is known to age well, and finds a box that it will fit in. Often the box is engraved with the couples names and wedding date. During the wedding ceremony, the couple places the bottle of wine, two glasses and letters to each other in the box and seals it. Some couples plan to open it on their first or fifth anniversary, to replace it with a new bottle and new letters for the next five years. Others say that the box is to be saved for a rough time in their marriage, when they’ll need a reminder of how they felt on their wedding day.

An additional idea is to include letters from your bridal party or family in the box, to remind you of the love and support that surrounded you on your big day.

Hand or Foot Washing Ceremony


A hand or foot washing ceremony is a way of declaring that you’re coming into your marriage with a clean slate. A water basin (sometimes including floating flowers or colored stones) is on a table at the wedding ceremony, and as the couple symbolically washes them of past wrongs and problems, the officiant will share a reading about forgiveness and what it means to move forward with a new beginning. The couple will then dry each other’s hands or feet to show that they are turning over this new leaf together.

Unity Cocktails

For the couple looking for something slightly more lighthearted, why not mix a unity cocktail during your ceremony? Like most unity ceremonies, it includes bringing two unique elements together to create something that’s better together than it is on its own. You could even go on to serve the same cocktail as your signature cocktail at your wedding reception!

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