July 14, 2016

7 Unique Backdrop Ideas for Your Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

7 Unique Backdrop Ideas For Your Outdoor Wedding Ceremony
Outdoor wedding ceremonies offer an exciting “blank slate” to decorate with any backdrop you can imagine. Arches and antique doors are seen regularly at outdoor weddings, but what about couples looking for something a little more individual? Here are seven of our favorite outdoor wedding ceremony backdrop ideas.


Paper flowers – From small flowers hung from tree branches to giant blooms covering an archway, paper flowers are one of today’s most popular weding ceremony decor choices. Not limited by growing seasons or local availability like fresh flowers, there’s truly no limit to the colors, designs or sizes of paper flowers, and they make a gorgeous addition to any wedding ceremony.


Lake vistas – Here in the Smoky Mountains there is no shortage of beautiful natural backdrops that are breathtaking for a wedding ceremony. A lakefront wedding ceremony at Meadhaven is timeless and absolutely stunning, especially at sunset.

Potted flowers – For the environmentally conscious couple, potted flowers can be a great alternative to fresh flowers, as they will not be left to wilt in the days after the wedding. They can be planted or given as wedding favors for guests to take home, and enjoyed for months or even years after the wedding.


Heirloom quilt – Weddings are a perfect time to celebrate the joining of two families and the unique qualities that each brings to a marriage. Hanging an heirloom quilt will make a colorful, unique, and meaningful wedding ceremony backdrop.

Painting on an easel – For the creative couple, a large painting can make a striking backdrop at your wedding ceremony. Whether it’s a portrait of the couple, a landscape somewhere special, or simply a beautiful abstract painting resting on an easel at the altar, this is one backdrop idea that will positively wow your guests.



No backdrop! – When planning an outdoor wedding, a circular ceremony setup is easy to execute. This brings a whole new meaning to the concept of being “surrounded” buy your loved ones on your wedding day.



Wordplay – The most beautiful backdrops that we are seeing pop up in todays weddings are oversized initials, poems, lyrics and quotes. Whether it’s simply the bride and groom’s monogram in lights or an entire sonnet in oversized script, lettering is both beautiful and meaningful.


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